FuzRegex Search and Replace Utility


Release Notes

v1.1.0.4 on 10-Sep-2010
Added feature for stopping scripts processing beyond a specified point. This is intended to be used when testing a script to see changes (when replacing) up to a certain point in the script. Use the special new token {Stop} as a Find field value to stop processing the script at this point. The following script example would process items 1.1 and 1.2 then would STOP and avoid processing any other items below this point in the script.
   eg:  1   Folders: D:\Temp
            Files:   temp.txt
        1.1 Find:    abc
            Replace: abcd
        1.2 Find:    def
            Replace: defg
        1.3 Find:    {Stop}
        1.4 Find:    ghi
            Replace: ghij   
Loading a script file no longer trims Find and Replace specs. Prior to this version leading and trailing spaces were trimmed when loading a script.
Minor visual fixed when displaying the word Processing during a Find. Previously another TLabel with a blank caption was partially covering the letter 'o' in the word Processing.
v1.1.0.3 on 31-Aug-2010
When saving results to a Text File, if no extension is specified, .txt is now appended to the filename.
Save all results to Text File now saves as plain text without any additional markup.
Added 2 new features to the Results Popup menu
When results are saved to a text file, settings used to produce the result are now saved at the top of the file.
Setup program uses traditional Windows Program Files folder as the default installation location.
v1.1.0.2 on 29-Aug-2010
GUI has been significantly refactored and allows 3 different font sizes (small, medium and large) on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista and Windows 7.
Added features to Results Popup menu
Added a Help menu link to Quick Start Guide.
After running a script, switching to "Find" or "Find and Replace" mode now clears all search-specific combo boxes (folders, files, find, replace with).
If {RootFolder} is used in a script but the "Root Folder" is left blank, then a warning message is displayed and the script is not run.
Messages displayed just before running a script (after Run Script has been selected) have been improved.
If an editor has not been specified in Preferences, or the editor file cannot be found, a warning message is now displayed. Previously nothing happened at all.
All reported bugs that were reproducible have been fixed.
v1.1.0.1 on 19-Aug-2010
List of remembered-paths is sorted alphabetically.

Updated 11-Sep-2010 00:50 gmt