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Features: Finding Text

One Screenshot

screenshot of FIND mode within FuzRegex find and replace utility

Features: Replacing Text Automatically

Features: Total Automation

screenshot of SCRIPT mode


System Requirements



A copy of FuzRegex is available: FuzRegex_v1.1.0.4_Setup.exe and the latest changes are documented here.

FuzRegex will automatically run in "Lite" mode, unless you put in some license details.

For a free evaluation license, use online code generator.

Sample Scripts for WebHub Users

Example Preferences for use with TED Notepad

FuzRegex works with Windows Notepad by default, which is not ideal because the cursor always starts at the beginning of the Notepad file. You can improve this by connecting FuzRegex to another ascii file editor. Choose one for which you know the command line syntax for positioning the cursor at a particular point in the file.

Below is a screenshot to show how FuzRegex can be connected to TED Notepad. Of course, you will probably need to substitute your own folder details instead of d:\Apps\, etc.

screenshot of preferences needed to connect to TED Notepad

Here is the exact syntax used for the TED Notepad command line (so you can copy and paste it quickly):

The special tokens that you may use are as follows; note that all these values are calculated by FuzRegex and PASSED TO your editor.

In FuzRegex, go into File > Preferences to set these details.

Here is the exact syntax used for integration with EditPad Pro:

Delphi DFM Converter

For programmers using Borland Delphi, a DFM Converter is available to help you convert old binary-format DFM files to plain-text so that you can run search & replace tools such as FuzRegex on them. DFMConverter at Code Central

Updated 2-May-2021